Organization & Management Theory


Embeddedness as a catalyst for sub-optimized matching in alliance networks (Hitoshi Mitsuhashi, Keio U, Jungwon Min, Kyusyu U)

Entrepreneurship, Technology, & Innovation Management


The role of social capital in cultivating university-industry research collaborations: Evidence from South Korea (Martin Hemmert, Korea U, Ludwig Bstieler, U of New Hampshire)

Human Resources Management


Balance mechanism of organizational politics: A socio-political perspective (Nadia Yin Yu, The Hong Kong U of Science and Technology, Riki Takeuchi, The Hong Kong U of Science and Technology, Cheng-Chen Lin, National Pingtong U of Science and Technology)

Organizational Behavior


High-performance work systems, intrinsic motivation and employee creativity: The moderating role of transformational leadership (Chris Wai Lung Chu, U of Surrey, Reuben Mondejar, City U of Hong Kong)

International Management:


Institutional environment of subnational regions and entry mode choice of multinational corporations (Tingting Zhang, U of Hong Kong, Christine M. Chan, U of Hong Kong)

Strategic Management:


Seize the state, seize the day? The relationship between corporate political activities and corporate financial performance in a transition economy (Cuili Qian, City U of Hong Kong, Jiatao LI, The Hong Kong U of Science and Technology, Heli Wang, Singapore Management U)