We would like to announce the recipients of the Best Paper Awards and the finalists of the awards.

Asia Academy of Management Conference Best Paper:

Herd Behavior and Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Japanese Multinational Corporations (Christine M. Chan, Shige Makino, and Takehiko Isobe)

Doctoral Student Best Paper Award:

Adaptation of Self-initiated Foreign Employees: The Influence of Organizational and Proactive Socialization Tactics (Carmen K. Fu, Margaret A. Shaffer, and David A. Harrison)

Finalists of Asia Academy of Management Conference Best Paper:

  1. Employee and Employer¡¦s Reactions to Psychological Contract Breaches: An Empirical Study in China (Zhen Xiong Chen, Anne S. Tsui, and Lifeng Zhong)
  2. Employment Versus Market Innovation Outcomes in Chinese Firms: A Political View of Business Groups (Robert E. Hoskisson, Daphne Yiu, Garry D. Bruton, and Robert E. White)
  3. Beyond Main Effects of Unilateral Trust on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: Examining Trust Effects Between Store Managers and Staff in Chain Organizations (Dora C. Lau, and Long W. Lam)
  4. Evidence on the Practical Utility of Wong¡¦s Emotional Intelligence Scale in Chinese Societies (Chi-Sum Wong, Ping-Man Wong, and Kenneth S. Law)

Finalists of Doctoral Student Best Paper Award:

  1. Participative Leadership by Western Managers in China: The Role of Relationships (Yifeng Chen and Dean Tjosvold)
  2. An Investigation of Expatriate Adjustment and Performance: A Social Capital Perspective (XiangYang Liu and Margaret Shaffer)
  3. A Comparative Analysis on the Regional Corporate Network of Interlocking Directorship in Shanghai and Guangdong (Bing Ren and Kevin Y. Au)
  4. Network Governance and & Firm Performance in Malaysia (Monica Guo-Sze Tan and On-Kit Tam)

Best Paper Awards Guidelines

There will be three awards to be considered in the 2004 conference.
These three awards are:

  1. Asia Academy of Management Conference Best Paper;
  2. Doctoral Student Best Paper Award; and
  3. Best Paper from Doctoral Dissertation Award

All submissions must follow the submission guidelines of the conference. Additional information for papers considering for the Doctoral Student and Dissertation awards are needed. A committee will be formed to select the best papers. The awards will be presented during the conference.

Asia Academy of Management Conference Best Paper

One paper will be selected from all submissions based on theoretical contribution, methodological rigor, and relevance to Asian management research. No particular discipline in which the paper is written is limited. At least one of the authors must register and present at the conference.

Doctoral Student Best Paper Award

This award recognizes the best paper submitted by doctoral students. The paper must be sole-authored by a doctoral student (at the time of submission), or the doctoral student is the lead author of the paper. Criteria for selection include relevance, methodological appropriateness, and scholarly contribution. A statement indicating that the author is a doctoral student and signed by dissertation supervisor is required.

Best Paper from Doctoral Dissertation Award

This award recognizes best studies based on recent doctoral work in Asian management. The dissertations the paper based on must have been successfully defended between May 1, 2002 and May 15, 2004. Submission must accompany by a statement indicating that this is based on a dissertation and signed by the committee chair. Other information required includes university name, date of successful defense, dissertation title, and committee members. The papers can be sole-authored by doctoral graduates or co-authored with dissertation supervisors.