Pei-Chuan Wu and Siah Hwee Ang

An Empirical Study of the Impact of Expatriate Characteristics on Expatriate Adjustment and Performance in Singapore

Doctoral Student Best Paper Award

Kelly Z. Peng, Millissa Cheung, and Chi-Sum Wong
From Bilateral to Multilateral Perspective: Predicting the Consequences of Psychological Contract Breach/Vilation
Jie Wu and Nitin Pangarkar
Competition, Collaboration, and Innovation: An Integrative View

Best Paper Award Finalists

Kelly Z. Peng, Millissa Cheung, Chi-Sum Wong and Xuan Qi
Does the Construct of Altruistic Helping Really Exist as a Motive of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors?
Daphne W. Yiu and ChungMing Lau
International Diversification Strategies of Emerging Markets MNEs: The Use of Emerging Organizational Forms to Mitigate Home Country Disadvantage