The Asia Pacific Journal of Management is the official journal of the Asia Academy of Management, published jointly with the School of Business, National University of Singapore 

Four issues per year by Springer

The Asia Pacific Journal of Management publishes original manuscripts on subjects related to general and strategic management in the Asia Pacific region. In line with the increasingly global nature of business and research, the Asia Pacific region is defined broadly, to encompass not only Pacific Rim countries, but also much of mainland Asia.

The areas of general and strategic management are similarly viewed broadly to encompass most functional fields of management and business. Rather than defining research by administrative or functional boundaries, the APJM believes that the research it publishes should be constrained only by impact and relevance. In deciding relevance, the APJM focuses on the extent to which each manuscript addresses matters that pertain to the most fundamental of business questions: "What determines firm success?"

The APJM welcomes papers that develop, test, replicate or refute concepts and theories related to this focus. We encourage papers that adopt a variety of theoretical perspectives to investigate concepts, theories or empirical phenomena in one or more countries from the broadly defined Asia Pacific. On-line submission is welcome. Submission: http://apjm.edmgr.com

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